We have no litters planned in the near future.
All of our Goldens that participate in our breeding program have
multiple health clearances. Certified OFA hips, OFA elbows,
OFA patellas,OFA cardiac, OFA thyroid, CERF(eyes) and tested for
Ichthyosis, DM (Degenerative Myopathy) PRA1, PRA2 and PRA-PCD.
Typical RUSH Retriever puppies!
Naptime is best when you
are close to those you love.
If I take a nap with my
new toy, it will still be
MINE when I wake up.


Puppies were
very excited to have
their first meal of
solid food.

We need to work on
the concept of table
manners, but mmm,
it was good!
With the nice weather,
they ventured out to
the puppy run and
played hide and seek
in the dog house.

So tired from fresh
air and sunshine,
everyone needed
a nap (in their
puppy crate for
the first time).

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